I really like Subtext, but unfortunately I haven't had too much time to try to configure my blog. I've looked through the wiki, but haven't seen enough information to emulate the configuration of Subtext founder Phil Haack. For example, the FeedBurner plugin which lists the number of subscribers and links to get the RSS and even email feeds -- how exactly is that configured? I suppose I should RTFM but I'm having trouble finding it at the moment (not to mention I have way too much to do right now with work!). It seems the Subtext Wiki is describing plug-in features in Subtext 2.0 (I'm running 1.9.x currently -- 2.0 is not released yet) so that doesn't help.

Sooner or later I will install Phalanger and test out DokuWiki. I also want to install umbraco and possibly Rainbow portal while I'm at it. I'd love to have GNU Mailman installed to manage mailing lists, but there are too many issues related its dependence on UNIX-style usernames and groups and I would probably need to user IronPython for the Python functionality. I guess it is just too much work right now, especially as I am utterly swamped at work. Unfortunately at work I am stuck working on a design portion of a project and I don't even get to do "real" programming that much -- sometimes you long to launch Visual Studio or work on source code. Oh well, hopefully this phase will end soon.

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